Processes, personnel, and profitability are the guiding forces of our dealer solutions. When you partner with The McDavid Group, we bring a combined 50 years of experience and data-driven training programs to your sales floor to ensure long-term success.

The McDavid Group specializes in six core service areas that are designed to grow your business.

F&I Department

Sales Department


Dealer Participation Programs



Training and Development

Our Core F&I Beliefs

At the center of our core F&I beliefs resides our mantra. “People LOVE to buy... but HATE to be sold”.

Our highly rated processes allow YOUR CUSTOMERS to buy as opposed to feeling as if they have been sold. This data-driven approach is “geared” entirely toward today’s customer; our methodology creates a superior customer experience... without sacrificing a single ounce of performance.

There are five (5) key components for a high performing and compliant F&I department. The execution of these five steps assures your greatest level of F&I Success.

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Our Core Sales Beliefs

At the center of our core SALES beliefs resides our mantra. “People LOVE to buy... but HATE to be sold”.

Our highly rated processes allow YOUR CUSTOMERS to buy as opposed to feeling as if they have been sold. This data-driven approach is “geared” entirely toward today’s customer; our methodology creates a superior customer experience... without sacrificing a single ounce of performance.

At The McDavid Group, we believe true success occurs when the Sales Department is working in unison with the F&I Department. This “hand-in-glove” approach assures the highest level of customer experience and profitability.

The highly acclaimed:

The 20 Biggest Secrets of Sales

The Manager’s Rule of Five


Your managers set the tone for success every day. Are they delivering the necessary support, motivation, and accountability to align your sales goals with their teams’ daily priorities?

Transformational leadership is a team effort, with mutual trust between each team member serving as the foundation for success. Our "Rule of Five" training program instills a top-down culture of collaboration. This workshop, which is provided free of charge as a benefit of our partnership, identifies five small things managers can do every day to increase productivity, profitability, and professional development at every level in the company.

The curriculum for our "Rule of Five" workshop was developed after a thorough analysis of sales data from 92 of the largest, most profitable dealerships in the country. We also conducted interviews with some of the industry’s top performers to assess the contributing factors for their success. The end result of this exhaustive research is invaluable in its scope, yet simplistic in its implementation.

Our partners consistently cite the "Rule of Five" workshop as the catalyst for a 180-degree turn toward higher morale and a stronger company culture. All we ask is that you implement our program for 21 days. We know you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Dealer Participation Programs

For some dealerships, reinsurance is an attractive way to ensure long-term financial stability and profitability. The McDavid Group has the experience and knowledge to help you find the right reinsurance solution for your short-term and long-term financial goals.

First, we will evaluate the profitability of your dealership across all areas. This evaluation will identify where and how reinsurance will help maximize your income opportunity.

The next step is all about flexibility. Reinsurance is not a "one-size-fits-all" solution. The McDavid Group will never “shoe-horn” you into a program that may work for some...but will not be the best program for others.

Click Here for a (no obligation) customized implementation plan. A few of the reinsurance options to explore and discuss for your dealership include:

The McDavid Group's advice should not be used as a substitute for professional tax, accounting, legal, or other competent advisers. Before making any decision or taking any action, you should consult a professional adviser who has been provided all the pertinent facts relevant to your situation.


At The McDavid Group we understand the importance of “fielding a team” that consists of the right people. We also recognize that a SUCCESS-DRIVEN culture attracts top talent.

Our proven processes save our clients both countless hours of time and potential headaches.

When you “partner” with The McDavid Group, our dealer partners gain a decisive advantage with our ability to find the industries top talent. Our team will evaluate candidates by conducting a series of interviews designed to cut through the “clutter”. Additionally, each final candidate receives a detailed personality assessment and background screening.

Our recruiting formula has yielded hundreds of exemplary placements. Today, many of these individuals remain an integral part of the overall success at some of the most productive organizations in the U.S.


The McDavid Group’s “Whole Dealer” approach to compliance is designed to give peace of mind in an ever growing, and changing, industry. As the car business evolves, so do the regulatory and legal expectations that go with it. Our group is composed of automotive retail professionals - not just auditors and lawyers. That means we understand the needs of your dealership and speak your language. We are thorough, professional and provide real solutions. Real solutions not just yearly or quarterly, but even daily and in real time as challenges arise.

Simply put, The McDavid Group is the best choice for compliance solutions in today’s automotive market - and here is why:

Compliance Certification

We deliver a full range of compliance certification programs for every position within your dealership. Each program can be tailored to meet your team’s needs, and be completed easily online or in person with one of our compliance experts.

On-Site Deal Reviews

Our team regularly audits deals to ensure baseline compliance expectations are met, and verify dealer specific documents are accounted for.

Policies and Procedures

We work with your teams to establish workflow processes that ensure your custom compliance program is robust and effective.

Hands-on Training

From on-site training classes to managing compliance 'side by side' and 'deal by deal’ with your team. We make every effort to build a culture of compliance at your dealership to reduce exposure at every level.

Best Practices

We are in dealerships every day working with customers, salesmen and managers alike. That means we have accumulated real, and effective, best practices from across the industry.

The McDavid Group is your partner for providing hands-on and total dealership solutions to evolving problems. Contact us today for an introduction on how our team can help drive your dealership to greater success by staying ahead of the ever-changing regulatory and legal expectations in our industry.

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