The Foundation of

The Foundation of Commitment

Mar. 1, 2015

Making a commitment and seeing a commitment through to the end, are two completely different animals. Your 'level' of commitment ultimately determines your level of success. Meeting a commitment requires determination, drive and the 'self imposed' will to win. Regardless of whether it is a business or a personal commitment, you will be known, even judged, as a person that keeps their commitments, or someone who does not. The following steps outline a foundation for not only setting, but also more importantly, meeting the commitments that you make.

  • Money, incentive and rewards

  • There are various levels of Commitment

  • Making the commitment is just the beginning

Why, so many times, do people fall short of their commitments?

  • Sometimes it's over committing

  • Sometimes it's a 'light hearted' commitment

  • Sometimes they simply don't have the fortitude to see the commitment through

There five basic 'truths' about making and seeing a commitment through to the end:

    1. Commitment starts in the heart: When you commit from the heart, you have a 'high level commitment'

    2. Commitment is tested by action: Talk is cheap; it's action that counts. You must make the move; action can be painful, but it is the only way to get out of the gate

    3. Commitment can be measured: Simply look at your calendar and/or your checkbook to measure your level of commitment

    4. Commitment flourishes with public accountability: GO PUBLIC and you will have the incentive to follow through with your commitment. Fear of failure is a strong motivator...

Think twice before making a commitment... But when you do...Commit with your heart, build your action plan, measure your progress, stay disciplined and go public with the commitment...